The mission of every organization is to offer products and services that meet the needs of its customers. To succeed in this mission the organization needs team members who understand the value of customer service and have the skills to deliver it.

This course gives your team practical skills on how to deliver great customer experiences, manage relationships with customer and remain professional at all times. Whatever be the size of your organization, this should be the first thing your employees must do before they come in contact with your customers.

The course aims at shaping the attitude of employees, giving them confidence in their ability to deliver great customer service. The concept of customer service has been broken down and made easy to digest by people with different aptitudes. It is recommended for any industry and is a strong foundation for building a customer-centric organization. 

Program Overview

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Part One: Understanding basic customer service concepts.

  • Understand what customer service is and why it is important for the company, for the customers and the employees themselves.
  • Understand the concept of customer experience and the role they have to play in it.
  • Identify the customer focus skills they need and how to cultivate them.

Part Two: Understanding customer needs and how to create value for them.

  • Identify what customers’ needs are and the things that lead to customer satisfaction.
  • Learn new ways of engaging customers so as to understand what they truly need.
  • Know what motivates customers and how to keep them happy.

Part Three: Customer service best practices and professional ethics.

  • Compare their past behavior with the expected behavior and identify areas of personal improvement.
  • Learn how to communicate with customers using positive language and how to respond to angry and difficult customers.
  • Learn the customer service code of conduct and new behavioral patterns to adopt.